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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A new store opening tomorrow has plenty to  offer for everybody. From home decor and gifts, to accessories for women  and men, Sherman went to Broad Ripple to take a look around Plenty Lifestyle. [Watch Now]


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Inside a new shop in SoBro! Plenty Lifestyle [Watch Now]


Indy Style - Broad Ripple shop offers custom shopping experience

Shop for your favorite gifts this year in a calm and relaxing  atmosphere! Alyssa Norwalk, Owner, Plenty, tell us more about the  "anti-holiday shopping, holiday shopping experience."  [Read More]


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Have you been to Plenty Lifestyle? It’s a shop located in south Broad  Ripple that has a great selection of gifts for women and men.

Plenty  Lifestyle supports local artisans at their shop and if you are  struggling to find the perfect gift for someone, reach out to owner  Alyssa Norwalk as she has a knack for finding that perfect gift – a sort  of gift concierge! [Listen Now]


Indy Style - Broad Ripple shop supports art with a mission


A mission to serve. A mission to transform. All while shaping the  lives of people with disabilities through the creation of art. That's  the idea behind Artmix and their mission as a lifestyle shop to support  local artisans and give back to the community!

Alyssa Norwalk,  Owner, Plenty Lifestyle, and Linda Wisler, Vice President, Artmix, tell  us about an upcoming fundraiser that's designed to do just that!  [Read More]


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Faith, passion and purpose were the key ingredients for local  entrepreneur Alyssa Norwalk’s new venture, Plenty Lifestyle, which  opened June 2017 at 54th and the Monon Trail.

Inspired by her mother’s retail career, Alyssa’s first experience  with entrepreneurship was through co-ownership of Gingko, a boutique in  Broad Ripple she ran with partners until 2008. After stepping away from  Indianapolis and entrepreneurship for a number of years, Alyssa returned  to Indianapolis as a recently divorced, single mother of four with a  desire to add a meaningful challenge to her life.  [Read More]